Facebook News Feed Update – What it means for Business?

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News Feed Algorithm Change in 2018:

While you have already notified about the recent Facebook news feed algorithm change & everyone is going nuts over their well-earned business page audience in the exchange of ad dollars.

Recently Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in his profile, that 

posts from businesses, brands and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.

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Brands, Publishers, Celebrities, SMB’s have relied on Facebook Advertisement & Business Pages heavily for last 6 – 7 years and spent millions of Advertisement Budget to build their presence only. Now, Zuckerberg’s announcement has created a negative impact on them that led to the fall of Facebook’s share (FB, -4.53%) instantly.

However, this is particularly for a good cause, to bring more people to interact with the content they love, connect with the people they want to in the age of a sea of Branded Content.

What does it mean for Business focusing on Facebook?

Here’s what you should expect. These are the prediction for coming changes in Business Page updates & Newsfeed from our pool of Social Media Marketers.

1. Your facebook page reach & video view will go down. Organic reach was already dead. Say farewell to him finally.

2. News Feed will not show as much as brands content as before.

3. You will see more post from your friends & their connection on Facebook News Feed.

4. You will see more post from your friends & their connection on Facebook News Feed.

5. Person to Person connection will be more valuable than Person to Business Page connection.

6. A long conversation (read engagement) will be more valuable to FB News Feed Algorithm than a series of random content from Publishers.

7. People will start to use less time on Facebook.

But, Don’t Fear!

News Feed
Conversation over Business Update

From our market prediction & analysis from Facebook’s recent update. We came up with several points that will still be important to Facebook on coming days & how we all should settle the score.

1. Facebook will go hard on ClickBait publishers post. It will focus on meaningful conversation, rather than the volume of interaction. Say YAY! authentic marketers.

2. Ad cost is expected to go rise, as every publisher will compete for news feed spaces for the same target group.

Tips: Run it with experts on Facebook Ad Platforms, it’s not whom they target, it’s about how they target.

3. Meaningful engagement will be a total winner. Say “Bye” to the age-old social campaign (or engagement-bait?) of “Like, Share & Win a Goodies”

4. Organic views in videos will decline a bit. But, it will still dominate as a valuable content.

5. Since Facebook is a platform based on content consumption, rather than discovery consumption like Google. Great content will still stand out to cater meaningful engagement.

6. Small Business should focus on building community (Group engagement) over Business Page because of the expected rise of ad cost & agency running fees.

7. Live videos will still offer good traction (average get six times as many interactions as regular videos), as long as people start making conversation around them.

8. Facebook still offers their other platform to be an excellent choice for brands & publishers. We will see the rise of messenger platform, chatbot & Instagram. The next campaigns will be based on conversation, not post engagement.

9. While Agencies are thinking to have a hard time, but actually it’s not. Because of their unique know-how’s of creating content, they will be more valuable to brands & SMB’s.

10. Content around conversation will rule. Publishers need to think about the ways of enticing their customers of starting a conversation with other people (plus tagging their friend + comment). Brands & Agencies need to work around that with their next content.

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What it means for the Marketers

Well, this recent, but drastically change should bring both positive & negative effect. From my perspective, it will bring more opportunities for the authentic media planners. Marketers need to focus on authentic content, that can fuel great conversations, than just spending ad dollars or using engagement-bait posts.

They will also need to experiment with conversation focused platform like messengers. build great tool like Chatbot around them.

Facebook AR Studio is already launched on the beta platform for marketers. They also need to experience that, as most of the mobile device (iPhone 8, iPhone X, Asus AR) is going to the performance-focused device with augmented & virtual reality.

If you would like to have a conversation with me about the recent changes, I am all ears to hear your opinions. Let’s connect HERE