Free Mobile Tools to Create Great Content for your Facebook Page

Free Mobile Tool to Create Facebook Post

Is Making Content Really Easy with the Mobile Tools?

We constantly use heavy software including desktop & mobile tools at my online agency. This includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Innvision, Sketch, Premier Pro & Final Cut for great Facebook Content. Not every business especially the small & medium businesses operating on Facebook can spend big time on this.

It’s not just about the time cost. Juggling through business full time & designing your own post for 2 – 3 days a week can be overwhelming. Hiring a full-time designer who can create full-fledged content for you can be very expensive. A content requires not just good design. It should come with great copywriting & relevancy to your business.

However, I am going to share some of the FREE & easy-to-use mobile tools for you, so you can create quick content or enhance your existing content to fit with your business goal, approved by Facebook itself!

You’re going to know

  • How to modify existing product photo to create Facebook ads.
  • Use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Mobile) to quickly enhance your content.
  • Harness Adobe Photoshop Fix to make your product content pop-out.
  • Use Adobe Spark Post to add text to your content.

Enhance the colour of your product post

2. Open the Adobe Lightroom on your smartphone
3. Select an image from your Camera Roll of a product you want to post.
3. Click the Options icon at the bottom of the screen.
4. Then select Presets, and choose Color.
5. Select the Punch 3 preset to make your colours stand out.

Free Mobile Tools to Create Facebook PostRemove any Spot in your Photo

You can fix & retouch your content using a great mobile tools known as Adobe Photoshop Fix. Available on iPhone & iPad for now. It’s an image retouching & manipulation app that you can use to remove any unwanted element from your product photos.

1. Tap the Share icon in Lightroom.
2. Choose Edit in > Healing in Photoshop Fix.
3. Click Ok.Free Mobile Tools to Create Facebook Post

4. In Adobe Photoshop Fix, tap Healing, then Spot Healing.
5. Take your finger over the logo to remove it from the product photo.
6. When you’re done, tap Touch to save & return to Adobe Lightroom.
7. Adobe Lightroom will open a new version of your product photo.
Free Mobile Tools to Create Facebook Post8. Click the Share icon and choose Copy to
9. In the collections screen that comes, click the + icon to make a new collection.
10. Then, tap the checkmark at the top.
11. Finally, rename your collection and tap OK.

Free Mobile Tools to Create Facebook PostAdd a Text Copy to your Image

Using Adobe Spark Post, you can combine text with you pre-made social media image post to make a perfect ad for social media. It can help you to create beautifully designed social media content.

You can download Adobe Spark from Apple Apps Store for iPhone & Google Play Store for Android smartphones.

You can add a text overlay to your product photos to attach a text copy to your audience.

1. Open Spark Post app by clicking the + icon and selecting Lightroom.
2. Open the new collection you just made and choose your product photo.
Alternatively, you can import an image from your Photo Library to create a new post.

Free Mobile Tools to Create Facebook Post

3. Tap the Design button, select a preset and tap the checkmark to apply it.

Free Mobile Tools to Create Facebook Post

4. Double-tap the text and enter your post copy.

Note: Try to use minimal to no text in your ad creative. Higher amounts of text can result in higher cost and lower ad reach delivery. Your ad may not run If it exists 20% text. Even logos & watermarks are considered as text.

5. Click Done.

6. Now you can drag the text box to position it anywhere on your image. You can resize the text, change the font, colour and other text options.

7. Tap the checkmark.

Free Mobile Tools to Create Facebook Post


Now you can use the final image for your Facebook advertisement. You can also cross check your ad image with Facebook Ad Text Overlay Tool to ensure if your ad copy exceeds the limit & the ad delivery you’re going to get with your image.

Finally, you can use the Facebook Ad Manager App on Google Play or iTunes to create your first Facebook Ad completely from Smartphone.

But, if you’re looking for more refined ad content & experience for your online customers. Feel free to knock me. You can find other Facebook marketing ideas & articles from here.