How to Turn your Facebook Business Page Verified

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We all wish to have some authentic credential for our business or personal page. The social media has done the first part to open a new identity for our business. Now that every Tom, Dick & Harry can open their page & become “Businessman in Entrepreneurship”, the time has come again to break the clutter and show your hard-earned business identity to the world.

Let’s go directly to the process! If you have a local business with a valid address and created your page category with ‘Local Business’, ‘Company’ or ‘Organization’, then you will be able to apply for the method I am going to explain.

This method can earn you a Gray Verification Badge beside your business page name and they are most like to show up in Facebook Search ahead of other similarly named business.

Now that you have all seen Blue Badges everywhere and wondering if this is a step down from this before getting the final blue ones?

Not Really!

Blue ones are for Brands (local or International), Media Organizations, Public Figure (Celebrities) & other For and non-profit organization. However, this gray badge is a representation of your authenticated local business address. I would recommend this if you have a retail shop, or chain consumer experience shop & wish to showcase your business location. You can see from Neymar’s two type of page.

To start this verification process, follow the below steps:

  1. Click ‘Settings’ at the top of your Page
  2. From ‘General’, click ‘Page Verification’
  3. Click ‘Verify this Page’

Verify Facebook PageWhen you click ‘Verify this Page’, you’ll see an option that tells you to enter your phone number. Enter the phone number of your business and you will get a call from Facebook.

Verification Code
That phone call will give you an automated 4 digit code, enter that into the box called “Verification Code”

Verification Code 1

If Facebook can recognize your phone number, then your page will be verified with a Gray Tick Box (may not available to all countries) or you will have to submit the required document to complete this method in an alternative way.

required document

You’ll need to provide some official paper showing your business’s name and address to verify your Page with documents.

Here are some of the approved documents which can be used depending on your location or country of origin.

  • Business Utility or Phone Bill.
  • Updated Trade License.
  • Business TAX / VAT No.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Articles of Incorporation.

Once you upload and send one or multiple of these documents, Facebook will review and provide you the desired gray verification afterward. Please note that some countries did not have this feature yet. I reached out to Facebook Team and they said it will soon be available to SA region including Bangladesh. But currently, you can’t apply for that.

There you have it – the quick and easy process of verifying your Facebook Page. Though Facebook has done the blue badged verification for Bangladeshi Brand Pages, such as apparel retail Ecstasy or Cricket Celebrity Sakib Al Hasan. Facebook also verified some profile of Bangladeshi Public Figure like Mohammad Tauheed (TED Fellow).

EcstasySakib Al Hasan

Mohammad TauheedSo, do not get into those scams, where people or really shady companies telling you to pay for verified pages. If your business is authentic, you have the real chance of getting this done.

This might be frustrating, this facility is still not available from Bangladesh. But, do you know you can still your business in search engine higher by using Google My Business?

It’s a free business listing provided by Google and you can verify this from Bangladesh too! To see step by step about how to do that, Click Here!

If you have any further question, you can reach me through my facebook contact.