Increase Customer Engagement with These Advertisement Hacks

Creative Advertisement

Trouble identifying the right kinds of customers? Not seeing enough clicks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and visits from your ads? Few responses from your marketing campaign? This 2 mins blog is exactly what you need right now for better customer engagement.

Great ads make consumers stop and look. Successful commercials stimulate engagement. Today I stopped scrolling, laughed my heart out and put in my email when I saw this:

This is a newsletter advertisement from a food magazine. Millennial customers have issues with cooking. This ad effectively blends satire and similar language and convinces me to sign up — adding to that, it also solved a “question” (learning how to cook pasta) that I didn’t know I had. Those are three elements of what an impressive ad should render.

What does it take to make a good Ad?

A successful ad will make you rethink, laugh, talk or at least look twice. If the ad makes customers click to learn more or visit a shop, undoubtedly it’s a successful one.

In addition, the tips I’m mentioning below help elevate an ad and allow you to refine your ad to ensure that your viewers are satisfied with it.

Maintain Search Engine Optimisation using right keywords

Keywords allow the search engine results pages (SERPs) to rate extremely. When a marketer tries to put an ad using Google but uses no keywords in their advertising, it may be totally ineffective. So, check the high ranked keywords and put them in your ads. Customers searching those keywords will bring more engagement. 

Solve the problem of your customer

Your website or Facebook inbox might be full of questions. Pick a common problem question and answer that in your ad. Your product or service solves an issue, so you’re probably aware that ads will tell the potential customers how your product or service is a solution.

Raise important questions for your audience

Questions engage audiences. 

This ad from Nike is a good example of that. If you’re an exercise procrastinator, this will stop you from scrolling. Because of the question, you’re initially getting more visitors. Ultimately, you are encouraging viewers to click by starting your ad by asking a question that piques interest.

Keep testing

There are always many, many iterations. Often with a new idea, you will hit gold, but sometimes you will end up doing a lot of tweaking with the script, the call-to-action and, of course, the creative before you make the most successful ad.

Test until you get it right. That’s how you master customer engagement.

Evoke an urgent sensation in your copy for better customer engagement

Having an urgent tone makes the customers believe they need a product in their lives. 

Add a line that says- ”This offer ends tonight, grab yours ASAP”. You may suggest using call-to-action words, such as “Know,” or “Experience,” to build urgency in your advertising, which engages users in a professional and knowledgeable way.

Create ads using the Data Points

The numbers are insightful. Statistics and visualizations of data help the mind work and make figures come alive. And the best thing is, figures are not either for sales or data point advertising.

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