Could Machine Learning & AI Lead to Less Job in Future?

Machine Learning

Curious about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Automation in the workplace?

If you are thinking robots are taking over the manufacturing labor jobs in near future & being an office executive, you still feel safe working as a white collar, THINK AGAIN!

First, tell me one thing, how many of your use spreadsheet or excel every day & think you’re pretty good with calculation, formatting & setting up formulas. Your boss must have been very impressed with you then!

Yes, we have all been there.

What I if tell you the situation is already changing where you can’t take credit for setting up complex formulas in spreadsheet & almost anyone can do it. That time is already here.

Google is working on AI & Machine Learning to automate the office workflow through their G-Suite including the spreadsheet to make office work much easier & less consumable.

In 2015 they found out from their internal study,

The average worker spends only about 5 percent of his or her time actually coming up with the next big idea.

The rest of our time is caught in the quicksand of formatting, tracking, analysis or other mundane tasks.

Machine Learning
Office Time spent chart
                                                                    Source: Google Data, April 2015

Google has published a new feature on their spreadsheet recently that let you ask a question in their online spreadsheet directly powered by their machine learning algorithm. It’s still in early stage, but it could create a big impact on how companies & their workforce will be operated in the future.

We have been creating charts from the data through the spreadsheet for over a decade, now you can ask for what you want by typing “histogram of 2017 soap sales.” Machine learning algorithm of Google does the rest.

It’s still debatable, that machine learning will completely eradicate office workforce or reduce employment opportunity in the current sectors. Some researcher is predicting the rate machine learning is improving, it is definitely going to make some job obsolete. The automated car Tesla powered by Artificial Intelligence, Hyperloop as an alternative to train can make the driver job goodbye for all starting with developed countries.

A study from McKinsey published this year predicted that,

half of today’s workplace tasks could be automated by 2055

and 5% of the job will not need any human at all. From an analysis of McKinsey Global Institute, we found industry productivity from the automation will be 0.8 – 1.4% during 2016 – 2065. For comparison & earlier stats, check the video below:

Machine Learning
                                                              Source: Mckinsey Global Institute Analysis

But needless to say, the machine learning feature of G-Suite and another office automation software will make people more productive. We will be able to concentrate more on analytical or decision making jobs while the effort of formatting & sorting in the spreadsheet will be dealt with just a simple question. The machine learning systems are still in the development stage and we are eagerly waiting to see what future can unfold.

Here’s to the future & tech!

Here’s a GIFT for YOU!

If you are new in Google Spreadsheet or even use it every day, I have a little cheat sheet guide for you to excel the Google online sheet game. Download the official Google Spreadsheet Cheat Sheet from the G-Suite Learning Center & thank me later. 🙂

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