Step by Step Freelancers’ Guide for a Better UpWork Experience


If you know about freelancing, you sure know the name UpWork. Upwork is a popular choice in the comfort for freelancers looking for extra cash or even full time work. This platform offers safe payment options, not to mention a vast range of professional freelancers with competitively priced services. For Bangladeshis, this is probably the best freelancing site available! Planning to get started? Here’s a short step by step guide for you:

#1 Sign up and pick a membership plan 

If you haven’t already signed up, it’s time you do. Select the membership plan which suits your needs best. Note, in future you can also be able to change your membership plan. Here’s UpWork’s availabe membership plans:

#2 Build your profile    

Fill as many fields as possible to create a profile that will showcase your abilities — expand on your experience and show your ideal hourly rate of payment. Nevertheless, don’t settle for a very low rate on Upwork. It’ll make people question your ability.

Professional Picture

  • Headshot of yourself 
  • Pleasant smile 
  • Plain background 
  • Casual business wear.

Targeted skills 

  • Pick 4-6 skills 
  • Update your best skills 
  • Take Skills tests

Accurate Title

  • Properly reflects personal experience
  • Indicates your preferred jobs
  • Short but impactful.

Overview and Introduction Video

  • Use complete sentences.
  • Add a one minute video about you and your skills
  • Let clients see your personality
  • Explain to clients the services

Visual Portfolio

  • Add past work samples
  • Get proper permission from previous clients

#3 Set your payment option 

Get ready for proper payment, and tell Upwork how you want your earnings to be sent. I personally  recommend setting up two separate ways of exchanging money, so you can quickly get paid. Keep an international card for better options. 

#4 Finding the Right Project

It’s simple to search for projects (and set up job feeds). It’s also a big part of being an involved and committed Upwork member. This helps to ensure you’re never missing out on projects for which you are a perfect match.

  • Pick your preferred skill
  • Set Filters
  • Add to Job Feed
  • Find the right type of contracts

On Upwork you’ll find 2 types of contracts.

Hourly contract payments are provided based on Hourly Payments Protection. Here, the UpWork client may install an app that allows him to trace your working hour.

For fixed-price contracts, you’re paid once the project is done satisfactory. Wait until you reach a target, and the they kept money in escrow, before beginning any work on the project. Send in your work through the Upwork platform.

#5 Submitting a proposal and interviewing

  • Select a project you like, and press the button “Submit a Proposal.”
  • Check the number of connections needed to submit a request, and the balance of your Connects.
  • Write the rate you are offering, write a proper cover letter, add attachments (if any) and send your proposal.
  • Now, the company must review proposals for interviews, and contact freelancers.
  • To get a better understanding of your skills, the client can suggest a paid “test project.” Just be sure to agree on terms of pricing before you launch. There are no free trials on Upwork ventures.
  • Then the client will send you an bid after all is addressed. Study, accept and continue to  work.

#6 Head Start a New Project

When you start an hourly contract, you’re suggested to  download the Team App to track the hours and get paid for the time.

The Team App’s Work Diary feature lets you track your time and takes snapshots of work-in-progress in 10 minute intervals at random times.

Your client will set the maximum number of hours in one week that you can log in to. Know your mark, and inform your client when you get close.

For fixed-price contracts, a list of milestones will be established between you and your clients. Every milestone is pre funded by the company with escrow, and UpWork Board keeps the money. Once you have completed the work for any milestone, it’s a good idea to let your client know and submit your work through Upwork to them. If any dispute arises, you or your client can always contact Upwork for free dispute assistance.

#7 Final Touch

The contract is complete after the final project work submission, or the amount of hours the customer wants has ended. Send an email notifying your client and seek feedback. If your contract stays open, your work can still be reviewed by your client. After you have completed a contract, your client will be given the opportunity to rate your work with final reviews from 1 to 5 stars. They can also give you a recommendation rating, and write a note about their working experience. This will help you build a good reputation.