Top 9 Marketing Strategy You should Implement in 2020

Top 9 Marketing Strategy for 2020

Marketing is an everchanging element of all business. That’s why marketers are always in the pursuit of seeking what works now and in the coming future and what’s not. If you are planning your 2020 marketing strategy, here are 9 methods you must follow. I have curated these methods by researching different platforms, online data and some opinions from marketing leaders around the world.

1. Update your existing content

We all know how long it takes to write, create and publish original content. It’s time for you to rejuvenate your past year’s content and update them for an SEO boost. It’s no secret that Google prefers fresh content. Just some few updates and tweaks to your existing blog posts can do wonder, such as updating your dates and titles of the content. Repurpose them with fresh perspectives, especially if they are long-form.

2. Videos are still super relevant – use them!

Videos were the ultimate type of content type that got the most organic traction over most of the social media platforms. Brands are now not making just short advertorials, rather long-form of video content, series, discussion. Rise of Tiktok and other video streaming apps has opened possibilities of influencer marketing to a new level.

If your business did not adapt a video strategy, you will surely be far behind this year on social than the other brands who are working on the video. Crafting a video strategy is not just choosing the content type and hiring a production team. It should be blended in your overall marketing strategy so you can understand the output behind them.

Contact me for a video marketing strategy for 2020 if needed.

3. Use educational content to drive organic growth

Educational contents are driving major growth behind consumer awareness and brand equity. Many brands are not just making DYI videos or writing blogs, but they are also investing in real research to come up with educational content that really helps their consumer and make the right decision while building their brand more trusted to them.

4. Focus on the local SEO

If you are a brick or mortar store, you must focus on local SEO through Google My Business. Google has revamped GMB in 2019 both desktop and mobile app experience. Though many businesses have verified their listings on GMB, very few have optimized it and lesser than that. Fewer businesses are posting regular updates on Google My Business. Optimizing local SEO through GMB for your product and service category can result in a great uplift in your organic traffic, direct calls and generating more sales lead from the maps and search.

Google My Business Insights
Google My Business Insights

5. Use smart bidding for SEM

Google and Facebook – both of them have significantly expanded their Artificial intelligence-based ad targeting and bidding system over 2019 and businesses and agencies are adopting these new methods drastically.

This intelligent bidding system in Search Engine Marketing Ads like Google Ads “Target CPA” is capable to learn from the previous data to optimize the future ad spend and focus more on converting search terms, creative, and audiences demographics. Integration with CRM is also helping Google’s ad platform to use their AI to filter out the right type of leads.

Google Ads Target CPA Marketing Strategy 2020
Google Ads Target CPA Capability

6. Use personalization with your marketing communication

Personalization is still winning and going to be an important part of all marketing communication in 2020

The good part is, you can use personalization with the automated tools and platforms in a smart way, and not waste your time using your brain every time for personalization. It went beyond just changing your email recipients’ names, you can now take decision-based on data and AI-based tools are helping you to learn the previous communication and act on that.

7. Try out HARO for PR & backlinks

Help a Reporter Out aka HARO has been a great option for both journalists and sources who are looking for qualified and high authority backlinks by sharing the source of news to the verified journalists who are looking for information.Haro Marketing Strategy 2020 Though, HARO has a free version. But, subscribing to their paid platform can help you to rank dramatically without lifting a finger for guest posts opportunities and hours to time spend behind the right PR outreach.

8. Run automated email campaigns

You should not go away from email marketing and use your valuable email list to run automated and sequential emails in 2020 too. I have seen a big jump in my content view once I have started my own email automation last year.

9. Try live streaming

If you are a brand that can harness live streaming. You must try it. Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn are favoring live streaming and brands are sponsoring different streamers to get focused eyeballs to their brands who are a fan to watch live streaming of sports, games, and concerts.

Bonus: Prepare for voice search & host podcasts

Here’s two bonus strategy for you to prepare your brand and platform for 2020 and beyond. Voice search is not mainstream, but the trend shows the uprising of voice search in the developed market. It’s also a better idea to start your own podcast channel around the product and service you’re working on. Since recorded podcasts can rank over the months on the search engine platform and can become the ultimate content when voice search is common everywhere.

What marketing strategy do you think will dominate 2020? If you have any new ideas or opinion, share with me at hello@hypedhaka.com.

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