5 Key Elements to Sell Anything Online

Why Selling Online is Different?

If you want to sell anything online, you need to do some additional job before you start the personalized journey with your prospect. You may entirely sell anything online (courses, digital product, software or automated service). Or showcase your product online to take the rest of the sales process offline (consultancy, agency service, hardware) etc.

While I explained how to sell anything to anyone in my previous blog post. I’d like to explain 5 key elements to sell online today.

1. Communicate like a Human

Our online channels (Website, social media pages) comes with the default template and sometimes recommendation of scripts and text copy that we tend to use most of the times.

However, even if you’re selling online, you need to keep things personal and as human as possible. Eventually, you’re selling to a person and a human wants to converse with another human (unless you’re great at building conversational bots).

Your social media description, website copy, landing pages, lead generation forms, emails. Everything needs to be carefully crafted and should sound like a human is talking. It should also be in a tone that matches with your audience. You may either use formal or casual language depending on your audience preference and likelihood.

Sell anything online like Marie Forleo
Use humanized and Conversational copy like Marie Forleo used in her website

Keeping a human tone in all of your communication can help you to increase audience engagement online.

2. Uphold Your Product Value

Show your true product value to the customer you are selling. How it is different than your competitor. Make sure that your price matches with the market you’re selling to. When your to-be customers grasp the actual value of the product and realize that they’re getting a positive return from their investment. They will not hesitate to buy.

3. Show a lot of details

It’s important to provide a lot of in-depth information, FAQ’s and comparison, a benchmark of the product you are selling online. For physical product list down its feature, price, color, size chart and warranties. For a digital product like courses, mention the outline of the books or videos, what they are expected to see, review of previous viewers, and how they are going to get benefitted by purchasing it.

4. Build a Database

The single most great thing about online is, you can collect information faster than the offline channel. Yet many companies just collect it but never use it in a proper way. Let-alone try to harness them one-at-a-go (like SMS promotion) and lose the attention of the customer.

You can try to build an email list by a plugin like software Hello Bar. It helps you to capture lead easily with enticing CTA’s and limited-time features.

Sell anything online through Hello Bar
Hello Bar Dashboard – check their pricing and forever free option by clicking on the picture

You can see a live example of an email subscription CTA at the end of this blog post.

Later on, you can do email marketing, run re-targeted ads, do one-to-one sales prospecting and many other things while being compliant with GDPR laws.

Not just email, you can also capture other data’s that can help you to leverage them to upsell your product online. A social media bots can gather a database for you as well than traditional email subscription forms now.

5. Let them Feel a Sense of Urgency

After communicating the value, you need to use a call to actions to let your prospective customer buy your product. How do you encourage them to do that?

Think about your hard earned money spent behind ads to bring them to your website. If they bounce it after going through all of your features and benefit, what’s the use of your hard-work then?

Without a personalized call, it’s not possible to communicate the full value always. So, try to offer a limited time discount, offer – if not, a free demo following a purchase prompt with their payment details.

  • 20% discount – expiring in 1 day

  • Limited Edition Shoe available till stock lasts

  • Last Day to buy this course and get a free consultation.

  • Try this online tool free for one month if you purchase in the next 12 hours.

  • Special offer only for you, since you have seen our demo video – offer expires midnight.

These 5 key elements can help you to craft powerful strategies to sell anything online. Keep in mind, that online selling is changing fast and consumers are becoming aware of the mass technique used by marketers. You need to be agile, test and find new ways of selling your product online.

I will discuss more ways and tools to get success in online selling. To know more. Subscribe to my resource hub below!