6 Google Business Tools that You Never Heard Before

Google business tool covee

Google is undoubtedly the giant of digital marketing – leading the intent-driven conversion through its search engine and ad products since the beginning. Google also has multiple business tools for digital marketers & businesses, which most people do not know much.

No, I am not going to talk about Google Trends, Ads, Analytics, Google My Business, and the most common & basic ones.

1. Test My Site

Test my site is a short and sweet tool to check your individual website’s page health. Especially the speed of your website in mobile version against standard 4G connection. For some of the sites, you can even check 4G connection based on each countries standard.

It also has two additional feature where they suggest what is wrong with your site and how a nice tool to show you how your mobile site speed impacts your future business revenue and earning potential.Test My Site Evaluate the Impact Google Business Tool

2. Grow My Store

Grow my store is a quick handy tool if you have a website dedicated to the online store. They can show how small yet important stuff that you may miss while developing content and feature for your website. They can even generate a detailed report for you.

Grow My Store Business Tool

3. Market Finder

I think Market Finder is an interesting one among the Google Business tools I’m sharing. Based on your business category. You can get a rough estimation of multiple decision-making factor where you should expand your business internationally. If you are selling an online service-based product (e-learning, digital product), this could be a very good tool for you to realize the search ad CPC. You should be able to estimate your business ROI faster than a wild-guess.Google Business Tool Market Finder

4. Digital Maturity Benchmark

It’s a benchmarking tool Google introduced in collaboration with BCG to discover how your marketing maturity measures up, plan your progress, reach more customers. It’s an in-depth 30 minutes assessment that you have to do to generate the in-detailed report full of insights.  The tool basically The tool analyses where your business sits on the path to full data-driven marketing and attribution. They call it the roadmap to digital marketing maturity for your business.

Google Business Tools
A sample report from Google’s Digital Marketing Maturity Benchmark

5. Web.dev

Web.dev is a pretty comprehensive tool to audit what’s going on with your website. This is a revised version of Google Lighthouse. They benchmark your website based on four factors – performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO. They will also show you a report about your website that what went wrong and how you should fix. This is my go-to tool to check whether my site has any issues during a monthly meeting with our developers.

Google Webdev Business Tool

6. Youtube Mockup Tool

Youtube Mockup is more like a design tool than a business one. As the name suggests, you can use it to visualize how your video ad will look like on Youtube placements. A pretty handy tool for the agencies too.

Youtube Mockup Tool

There are a couple more other tools available for different regions. Like Consumer Barometer for country-specific consumer studies, Google Trends for finding out the top level of search volume query for specific keywords and locations.

Though Google made them for supporting and helping businesses, they are also a promotion tool for Google Product. Before you dive into Google’s product only for your digital effort. Kindly also consider other platform and the benefit they are offering to combine an integrated approach for your digital marketing. Looking for more tech resource? See from here.