6 Sales Winning Techniques that Works Every Time!

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Why Sales Winning is Crucial?

Contrary to popular belief, more than 60% of the companies C-level exec believe, if they position their product or services in the right way in the market, they will get sold. However, many of these company owners forget to tell or train their salespeople to win or as we call in the industry “Close the Sales”.

I would argue that closing is the most crucial and important element of sales. it’s the ultimate make or break moment that can win a deal, sell a product or make a contract for a service.

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As a business owner or sales professional, you are continuously trying to get a high win rate from your sales prospects that why there are many sales techniques that were developed to increase the win/ close rate.

Today, I am going to explain 6 Sales Winning Techniques with a mix of both Traditional or Modern methods.

Sales Winning Method that works

1. The Summary Method

2. The Now or Never Method

3. The Counter Offer Method

4. The Question Method

5. The Positive Mindset Method

6. The Feature Removal Method

Let’s take a look into the examples and ways of applying this method to win your sales moment.

The Summary Method

This method works, when you believe the customer is hopefully going to purchase after a long or multiple conversations with you. Now you have to make him sign or buy your products. You can go like this (Stressing your product’s value and benefits)

“So we have this water purifier with UV and Arsenic protection, 1 year of warranty, and our free delivery and installation service. When would be a good time to deliver?

By summarizing previously mentioned or mutually agreed on the point. You are helping your buyers to visualize the great package you have made for them. They will be able to take the decision faster when you showcase them what they are truly getting out of this deal.

The Now of Never Method

You can already guess what it is. You can always create a sense of urgency with this method. This method works better when you offer any special benefit to your customer that influence immediate buying. For example:

  • We have got a 15% discount for the customer who will buy today only.
  • This is the last one at this price, the next stock will be higher priced.
  • If you agree to sign now, I will make sure that you get a priority service during the weekday’s rush hour.

When you are pretty sure that the customer or prospect wants to buy, but for some reason, they are not pushing their effort, given that you must always establish concrete value before offering a discount or promotion.

The Counter Offer Method

Not always, you will meet prospects who are convinced by the value only. Some customer may realize that they have an upper hand at the negotiation, they might ask for a sales deal or offer when it’s not generally available. You can use the method like this:

“Could you add a few more discount in the training service you’re providing?
You can reply: Sure, but If it does that for you, will you buy the service today?

Naturally, they will not expect this response. If you already have a discounted rate in your hand approved by your top management. You can use this to close the sale today. The customer will think this as a good exchange of your offers.

The Positive Mindset Method

This sales winning techniques feeds by the power of a positive mindset that you are going to close the sales with the client or the customer. If you strongly believe it from the first point of contact with your customer, that you are going to win the contract, it will have a great positive effect on the entire sales process.

To get success through this method, you need to closely observe your prospect or customer’s engagement, interest, and even objections.

To do this, after a call or meeting ask this,

  • Did our presentation align with your expectation or goal?
  • Is it something (your proposal) that would be valuable to your organization. (Once you give them new information about your service).
  • Does this meet a specific need or solution to your problem?

By showing a positive attitude with effective follow-up, you will create an authority in your sales process, that will help you to make the final deal positive without the balls in the other court.

The Feature Removal Method

This sales winning method focuses on a basic psychological trait. Suppose your customer is bargaining with the price of a bundle of product or services packed with multiple features (core and optional).

You can then simply remove a feature from that service and present the discounted offer to them. Naturally, they will be thinking about the feature rather than the discounted price. Unless you tell them the feature is not important to them.

Winning a sales deal is not an easy task and there is a different method for a different situation where the proven model may not work always. You should find a mentor or discuss with your supervisor when you are stuck in your sales process.

Why I am recommending this? Otherwise, you will lose more sales deal and your situation could be like this meme I collected from Daily Sales. sales winning or losingIf you’d like to know the psychological method to place your product to the right place, check my other blog to know more about a powerful way called Anchoring.

However, if you would like to find a different approach to your sales process, you can book a quick 15 – 30-minute call with me from here. I will try my best to assist you.