Digital Stats and Data in Bangladesh 2019 – What It Means for Business?

Digital in Bangladesh 2019 Report

Bangladesh Business Landscape – Digital in 2019

Business landscapes are changing rapidly in Bangladesh. With infrastructure & economic development, Bangladesh is seeing rapid growth in its GDP, per-capita income and livelihood. It’s poised to be the 3rd fastest growing economy in the World in 2019.

With a large young population base in a small land area with bay access. Bangladesh is seeing rapid growth in Digital device & internet users while commodity services are transforming them to serve through Digital. Giants like Uber, Alibaba are already operating in the market, where startups like Pathao and Chaldal are reaping the fruit of this digital wave while operating alongside World-Class tech companies.

Even brick and mortar retailers like Aarong now have a solid digital presence. Now, it’s pretty normal for any business with any size to have a sound online presence – be it a website or a Facebook Page.

Why You Should Look into these Data?

But, is everyone winning online? The advent of technology may give us some business momentum at this moment. But, how we are going to build a sustainable business using the online medium? Which platform we should choose? Where we should invest next before it becomes a hot destination?

Since digital channels are rapidly changing – both from the influence of tech giants strategy and push from general audiences behavior.

“We need to look into the online data to get both general and deep insights to make an informed business decision.”

Last year, we have published Digital in Bangladesh – 2018 Report. It was packed with essential insights of the Internet, Social Media, Mobile & E-commerce use in Bangladesh. The data were collected from a primary source and multiple secondary sources.

The report was curated by us to help the digital professionals, marketers and business owners to make an informed decision from the insights and trends of digital media & internet in Bangladesh. We hope to do the same this year with some additional data for you.

Please note, we are not responsible to verify these data’s and appropriate sources are given. We only collected, curated and re-designed the data, so it’s helpful for the Bangladeshi audience and anyone who is interested to know the digital data about this country.

Digital in Bangladesh 2019 Report Overview
Key Digital Indicator of Bangladesh 2019

What do these data mean? One Word, Growth.

Social Media Quarterly Growth Bangladesh 2019
Social Media Quarterly Growth

If you look into the most basic indicators, you will find, Bangladesh is preparing for digital growth. While 98% of the area is in 4G mobile internet coverage (More details on the presentation about mobile internet data available). There is still plenty of room to grow both for internet and social media population. Out of 157.2 Mn of mobile device users, only 34 Mn are using social media. In the last year, we have seen 10 Million more Internet user and 4 million more active social media user.

Annual Digital Growth in Bangladesh 2019
Annual Digital Growth in Bangladesh 2018 – 2019

You will find more data about each social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn’s audience data for Bangladeshi population, Internet and Mobile connectivity stats, population, economy and digital financial inclusion stats from the full report.

See it from below or download the full presentation going full screen.

Credit to We are Social & Hootsuite:

This report has been originally collected & compiled by We Are Social Ltd (“We Are Social”) and Hootsuite Inc. (“Hootsuite”) for informational purposes only, and relies on data from a wide variety of sources, including but not limited to public and private companies, market research firms, government agencies, NGOs, and private individuals.


We took the data from their Global Report Presentation and represented with our own design model (Icons & texts) without changing any data & source. This was done purely to showcase the digital overview of Bangladesh in January 2019 for the country-specific focus. We do not own, manage or verify any data from the source & provide all credit to the compilators & source companies for the representation.

If you’re looking for more country-specific data, you can go through the SlideShare presentation of We are Social or you can request me here to give you more data.

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