Step by Step Guide to Earn Easily on Fiverr


Are you planning to start your freelancing career? Maybe you already know about Fiverr then. Might as well have some idea or a few role models who are standing out! Well, the latest tips of successful freelancers conflict: 

  • Read More, write less!   
  • Make it clear, write more!
  • Work for Claps!
  • Forget the Claps!
  • Curation is Everything!
  • Forget the Curation!

Frankly, everyone has their own way that works for them. You’ll have to find you. I’m here to drop some easy steps for your help. After publishing my article on Upwork, I’ve received a huge response. As many of you requested to write a blog on Fiverr, here it is!

Step 1: Create an Account

First of all, what you need to do is create an account and if you want to make money with Fiverr, you need to create an account for yourself, so you can buy or sell Gigs. In Fiverr, an offer is called a Gig if you put an offer to design a logo for $5.

Now Verify and confirm your email address. Confirming your account is essential because you can have access to anything by confirming your account. You can pick any topic you like after you have done all the login and start working. I mean you pick the topics you’re an expert in. I’ve worked with Fiverr too and it’s fantastic. They don’t charge much. It’s free to join Fiverr. There is no subscription required or fees to list your services. You keep 80% of each transaction.

Step 2: Create Fiverr Gig

The gig should be really convincing. You must have some good proof that you are an expert in that field and include 1 or 2 genuine images that represent that. Buyer Requests are the most frequent and easiest way to get gigs. Go to Sales > Requests for Buyers. This is where you are making your pitch for your Fiverr gig to potential buyers. Make sure that your pitch is nice, short, and to the point. Put proper tags. Here’s an example:

With Fiverr Gig Packages, you can  set your pricing anywhere from $5 – $995 and offer three versions of your service at three different prices.

Step 3: Promote Your Gigs

Okay, now you may have a question where to promote your Fiverr gigs? You can actually promote it anywhere on the internet, how much you work hard on it is up to you. The more effort you put in, the more sales you get. Adding to that, I’ve mentioned some common ways to promote your Fiverr Gig link below so check them out. Note that you can place your links anywhere in the right place so don’t worry.

  • Social Networks
  • Forums
  • Question and Answers Website (Yahoo Answers, Quora)
  • You own Website or Blog

Step 4: Payment

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you keep 80% of each transaction, and Fiverr gets the rest. Once you complete a buyer’s order, the money is transferred to your account. So, you don’t need to chase clients for payments and wait 60 or 90 days for a check. You keep an option for yourself to withdraw that amount from your Fiverr account. I personally suggest keeping an international account (Ex-Paypal, Payoneer) and an international card as well. 

Step 5: Keep acquiring skills

Once you’ve started earning on Fiverr, don’t settle in with a reasonable amount. You always have to polish your skills and try to acquire something new. That’s how the payoff goes higher. If you’re struggling to find new ways to make money on Fiverr, check out my idea list below:

Specific Writing

Content writing is a perfect way to get started because you don’t have to set up anything-just your time. Rather than just posting a general writing gig, you’re supposed to be delivering something more unique for you. Enrich your vocabulary and keep the writing easily readable. Learn review writing properly and set your own resume formats. Convince others on Fiverr that you’re actually good at it.

PowerPoint Presentations

Thousands of people need PowerPoint presentations put together daily. Take advantage of this by using some high-quality content. Make your signature templates. Learn to use on point transitions.

Video Testimonial

Video testimonials are used throughout the internet, and they are highly demanded by business owners. The best thing about this kind of side gig is that you just need your mobile phone to do it! Check this video for tips on Video testimonial: Testimonial Video


As time goes by, podcasts and videos are becoming more popular and it’s super important to have these videos transcribed into text. Even I get my videos transcribed by a member of my team. So, of course, this has good demand in the market.

Creating Social Media Accounts

There are many startups and companies that are thriving because of the lack of Social Media appearance. It’s time to set up social media pages for them correctly. That is where you come in! A good way to get a client for the long term on Fiverr.

What are you waiting for? Go to Fiverr, right now and start applying for jobs. If you need any suggestions, Contact me here.