5 Stay At Home Work Ideas for You

Now that the pandemic has taken over, we all are bound to stay at home. With the increase of work from home, more rivalry comes from other home-based businesses. Actually, it’s sad but true- the world economy is about to face a great depression. So, it’s better if you remain prepared and start a stay at home business now. This 2 mins blog is here to offer you some ideas.

Freelance Content Writing

In terms of overhead, this is probably the cheapest stay at home business to start.   If you are reading this on a screen, you have what you need to become a freelance writer — in terms of equipment, at least.

Perhaps there is some sort of writing that you are eligible to do. Plus, if you are decent enough with spelling and punctuation, you’ll be paid by corporations to be a freelance writer. One friend of mine recently made good money on a famous travel blog, editing articles.

The trick to writing freelance is never to give up selling yourself. When a project comes in, don’t get complacent-always search for the next one.

Skills essential to Excel as A Content Writer. - Tweak Your Biz
If writing is your strength, give it a go.


In quarantine, people are spending most of their time on YouTube and Netflix. So, YouTubing can be a good business plan. Open your own channel on YouTube. You can try blogging, vlogging or make videos of anything you’re good at. Set realistic targets and make sure these are some quality contents. Go through video content making courses. You can get your video edited by a professional video editor online. This is a good stay at home business idea.  Here’s a video by the highest subscriber holder on YouTube:

Tips from PewDiePie

Online Tutoring

People are locked in their house, but the thirst for knowledge is always there. Specially, anxious parents are willing to pay their children a premium price for tutoring. This can be a feasible stay at home business idea. You need a field of expertise — math, and especially science based courses, are always favorites — but nearly any subject will work. But make sure you’re not camera shy. You have to be a confident tutor over a video call. When you know how to market yourself, parental anxiety can be helpful and you can make money. There are subject based tutorials available online, but they lack the privilege of asking spontaneous questions. So, the ball is in your court already.

How to Use Zoom—How to Use Zoom for Online Classes and Video ...
Google Classroom, Zoom – these are good tools for online tutoring.


Designing can be covered online easily. Be it web-design or graphic design. If you have skills, the opportunity is there to create fun, functional websites or creative designs for organizations of all types. Open an account in Freelancer.com, Upwork or any other freelancing sites. Now bid for your work and persuade remote clients all over the world. No need to leave home. Your business will pay off well.

Social-Media Specialist

In quarantine time, everybody is spending time on social media. This is both a blessing and a curse for the aspiring social-media specialist. On the one hand, every company that sells something has to have a presence on social media, so the expert market is massive. But there’s still no shortage of experts in social media — or people who think they’re experts in this.

This is a very good stay at home business idea if you have previous experience. Determine your consumer base, create your own online presence within that industry, and begin to make connections with the elite of social media. Big businesses have fixed media-specialists, so try targeting smaller ones.

These are some business ideas for the time being. Looking for similar articles or more ideas? Visit here and contact me.