Introducing BizCast – one of the first business podcast in Bangladesh

Business Podcast in Bangla - BizCast

What is a Podcast (পডকাস্ট)?

Simply, podcast means an online radio show that’s available on the web. You can find a more structured definition of Podcast from this Wiki Article. But, currently, podcast is a powerful tool for all type of businesses alike to showcase their thought authority and voice through podcasting platform. We can all imagine who were born in at least 80s, about the popularity of the radio shows. The podcast is another radio platform that is available on the web, mobile or IoT devices.

In Bangladesh, the podcast is widely not popular yet than videos or articles. But, there is a big potential for podcasting in Bangla. Especially in the category of consultation, news, food (recipes) and motivation.

Introducing my Marketing & Sales Podcast Show in Bangla

I recently started a podcast show where I will talk about business topics, mostly in marketing and sales. As my core strength lies over there with 10 years of experience in catering 3 – organization’s leadership role while running my consulting business for the last 3 years.

I named it BizCast – one of the first Business Podcast show – বিজনেস পডকাস্ট শো in Bangla where I will not just share my random thoughts, but every episode will bring powerful business and sales tips that you can apply it to your business by right away. Because I believe, when I am creating content, It should have some actionable value for the others, than just sharing my general thoughts with no structured formats. Although, I will share my own experience revolving the tips and hacks I am going to share. It should give you the relevance between the real world and what I am sharing as a guide.

I choose my first topic for podcasts, which is Growth Hacking. Simply, growth hacking means (in marketing), a set for constant experimentation of growth techniques that can give your business quick growth, more user acquisition, more sales or strategic advantage in a short time. You can also call them business hacks.

Two of my episode is already live on Anchor. I choose them as my primary podcasting platform, as it helps me to record podcasting while I am on the go from my smartphone. And at the same time, it helps me to distribute my Bangla Podcast to most popular podcasting platforms, like Google Podcast and Spottily.

Or you can also stream two episodes from here:

Growth Hacking – Asking Difficult Questions

Growth Hacking – Giveaway Small Prizes

I sincerely hope that many professionals will come forward with podcasting in Bangla. If you like marketing and sales – and thinking to take your business forward by learning every day. Subscribe to my business podcast in Bangla. Contact me, if you have any idea or want to collaborate as a marketer on my Podcast.