How to do SEO: the right way

How to do SEO the right way

Honestly, SEO is a confusing subject to many seasoned marketers and business owners alike. They know it works, but often do not see or measure an ROI on the short-term and also on long-haul.

I have just pointed out some of the building blocks of SEO implementation here. Either you go learn it by yourself or assign it to a TEAM (not individual) if you really want to see the results.

Check out what you need to do to start your SEO game: the right way from these pictures.

1. Know how SEO works:

I often receive demand from owners that they simply want to be on the first page of Google without any heavy pull or work with a completely new site. That’s why everyone should have a sound idea of how SEO works before they think of starting an SEO project:
This resources can help:

How Google Search Works

or this Article from WebFx can give you a fair idea.

2. Learn Optimization Methods

So, first, you understand what you need to optimize or create to start your SEO game. Secondly, you must know or learn optimization methods. Well, your team should pull it off, not just you. But, you must know what they are and the tools and techniques you need to make your website SEO optimized and start outreaching, link-building and content creating for getting ranked higher.

Here’s some of my favorite tool that I use:

  • Yoast
  • SEMRush
  • Aherfs
  • Moz
  • Buzzsumo
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Tools: Keyword Planner, Mobile Site Speed, Web.dev
  • Answer the Public
  • GTMetrix, Pingdom
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider

3. Configure Search Engine Console

If you do not submit your site to Google, how are you planning to measure things? Search Engine console should be your go-to tool if you’re not too deep into SEO. Let your team or agency team handle the tough part and measure your SEO effectiveness through Search Engine Console – oh and also Google Analytics. 🙂

4. Do Keyword Research

Do your complete keyword research before you start to create any type of content on the web especially your blog posts. It’s not just about your business or what your customers think that you know. It’s about what they search and how they can find your product or services on the web and search engine. So, focus on what your customers are looking for and searching related to your service with keyword research and then start creating content.

You will see I was ranked first and second for some of the keyword I have targeted + what others were searching for. So I decided to rank for Sales tips and resources in Bangladesh. Not just my own site jmustafa.com got ranked. But, also my agency site hypedhaka.com was ranked on the top position of Google for these searches.

Both jmustafa.com and hypedhaka is ranked on the top
jmustafa.com is ranked 2nd here
hypedhaka.com is ranked first here

5. Run a website audit

The next thing you need to do is to run a full SEO audit on your website. You can get an actionable recommendation from a website audit and can make sure that your website is ready and future proof for the SEO performance. You can use many free tools available on the web. But, I suggest you should get an expert SEO Agency in Bangladesh or SEO professional in Bangladesh to do it comprehensively for you for the first time.

6. Build a content strategy

Here comes the behemoth. Most of the time I experienced, companies face struggle with it.

In every 60 second 1440 WordPress Post aka Blogs were created on the year of 2017


So just think about, creating blog posts are not enough, but you need to make multiple forms of content for multiple medias, Podcast for Apple, Videos for YouTube, Stories for Instagram & TikTok, Facebook Posts, LinkedIn report, Info-graphics for Pinterest and it goes on and on.

But, it’s virtually impossible to create personalized content for every channel every day. Again, if you lose your consistency, the platforms will punish you. That is why you need a solid content marketing strategy consultant or firm to help you with this. Whether you want to make content on your own or outsource it. How you are going to measure ROI and what type of platforms are better for you, where are your present and future customers, how are you going to create meaningful content, etc. You need someone, period! or just learn the hard way for implementation.

7. Try local SEO

This is the one, many companies who want to get ranked for SEO miss out. They do not have a local SEO strategy. Where most of their customers are local and around them.

Local SEO can play a big part in your business, especially if you are a brick and mortar store (retail shops). Google is pushing hard with this and revamped their Google My Business App a lot over the course of last year to make local SEO an important ranking factor.

8. Hire an SEO professional

I cannot stress this fact again and again. SEO is not just a marketing skill. It combines both tech, marketing, and certain digital skill to get success. Your SEO team should include a specialist, a web developer, a PR person + content guy, and a designer at least to make it work beautifully.

Well, it’s time for some self-branding. I have been working on SEO for over 5 years and served clients in 3 continents with strategy consultancy and full-service SEO with my agency team. Just knock me for a FREE 15-minute discovery call to see if SEO is a good fit for you and how can I help.

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